What is new in CRIO 3.4?


Meet the new features of CRIO 3.4... let us sorprise you!

CRIO Equine Software 3.4 includes several system wide changes, being the most drastic ones the less visible to users, but at the end of the day you benefit from all of them and allow us to keep adding new features more easily.

New Features

  • Breeding Services Selling and management of semen shipments.
  • Inventory of farm items (Emergency Kit, Horse Tack, Tools, Lab items, Horse Nutrition items, etc).
  • Horse special peculiarities, you can DRAW the special peculiarities over horse silhouettes.
  • Contacts module (providers, clients, owners, breeders, vets, farriers, employees, riders/jockeys, etc)
  • Interconnection with ISO 11784 y 11785 Microchip Readers (also reading temperature on Bio Thermo microchips from Destron Fearing)


  • The main lists on the system now allow information grouping and sorting, display/show columns, and also saving your configuration for next time, being much more flexibles.
  • Summaries improved, now with "Scheduled Breeding Services" and general view of "Mares near to foal".
  • Integrated income & expenses record system.
  • Improvements and ease of use in all features related to REPRODUCTION

Structural changes

  • New Look: Black screens, with bright buttons and colors that we KNOW you will love it.
  • CRIO Equine Software now used Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, that is preinstaled in all PCs with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7, making that you don't need to install it to be able to use CRIO. Users of previous versions of Windows will not have problems to use CRIO, since the installer will download and install .NET Framework 2.0 for you.
  • CRIO 3.4 incorporates a new way to manage languages, adding  a new TRANSLATION TOOL, allowing: