Benefits of using CRIO Equine Software

See why CRIO Equine Software is different from other record keeping software programs.
Be sure of having all this benefits in your horse farm!!

  • We offer a FREE DEMO VERSION, to you to really TEST our product and help you to decide if CRIO is good for you.
  • We offer several versions of CRIO, according to the size of your horse farm: FREE Edition, Max 30, Max 50 or  unlimited edition.
  • CRIO is a tool SO FRIENDLY and MODERN, that you will find it very easy to understand and learn.
  • CRIO CONTROLS the INCOME and EXPENSES, minimizing operative risks.
  • CRIO allows you to FOCUS the efforts of the horse farms in those areas that are REALLY important.
  • Allow you to KNOW at any time the STATUS of YOUR HORSES and keep record of any aspect of your horses life.
  • CRIO maximizes the operations and administrative management of your business.
  • CRIO allows you to deliver detailed horse information for your clients in an outstanding presentation.
  • And more important: CRIO allows you ENJOY and STAY with your horses and delegate all the managment to an specialized tool.