CRIO 3.4 :: The leading tool


CRIO Equine Software... the LEADING TOOL in equine management!!

  • Do you imagine a tool where you could keep record of all breeding services sold by each stallion, see its status, know how many semen shipments you did and the cost for each of those tasks ?
  • Do you imagine if you could keep records of expenses for each owner, and that way you will be able to charge your boarding and training services to your clients easily?
  • Do you imagine being able to DRAW in a simple way the special peculiarities (spots in head, body or legs) of your horses?
  • Do you imagine having performance, health, farrier, reproduction, pedigrees, measurements records... all in ONE PLACE??
  • Do you imagine having your PC connected to a Microchip reader and as you read a horse microchip its information appears automatically on screen?
  • Do you imagine having tasks and recurring reminders, being alerted when you need to perform certain task with your horses and being able to assign an employee as the person in charge of that task?
  • Do you imagine being able to keep record of inventory of Horse Tack, Emergency Kit, Tools... with expiration date, current stock and item status?