• What is new in CRIO 3.4?
    Meet the new features of CRIO 3.4... let us sorprise you!
  • CRIO 3.4 :: The leading tool
    CRIO Equine Software... the LEADING TOOL in equine management!!
  • If you are going to BREED horses... DO IT RIGHT!!
    If you're going to BREED horses... DO IT RIGHT!!

A new and improved CRIO 3.4

Version 3.4 is here!

CRIO is presenting a new and improved version 3.4, incorporating new and powerfull tools and features.

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CRIO Equine Software :: What is it?

CRIO is the equine management software choosen by the best breeders and owners in american and europe, to manage your equine farm, haras, Training Center, Reproduction Center or any other equine business.

With more than 5 years of experience, users in 16 countries and translated to Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian... we are the leading software in equine record keeping and management for your equine business.


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